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Cortometraje Documental acerca de la obsesión por la Montaña Rusa dónde la atracción mecánica es una alegoría de vida para sus usuarios y cuidadores. 
"I Never Ever Didn't Let Go" is a film about the passion and addiction that Sebastián Lara and Filomeno Pérez have towards the rollercoaster that has taken over their lives. Filomeno has given maintenance to ride for the past 40 years, going on it every day not only to corroborate the security of the machine but also for his personal pleasure. On the other hand, 16-year-old Sebastian has gone on the ride countless number of times and is about to land a position on the maintenance team. Although they may not know it yet, their lives are intertwined in more aspects than they think. This rollercoaster is an icon in Mexico City. It is located in the city's oldest amusement park situated in the heart of Chapultepec. Its white wooden beams make it stand out and be seen from great distances. Not many documentary films exist about this icon or the people that it inspires, and who are willing to drop other ambitions in their life to receive a shot of adrenaline from this rollercoaster.

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